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December 2nd, 2021 Development Update

We are pleased to announce that we will be releasing a public testing opportunity for anyone who owns the sim through the Microsoft Store (PC) or Xbox. This optional build includes fixes for several issues, including Track IR and VR controls. A full list of release notes will be found in the public, pre-release testing section of the forums soon.

PMDG Douglas DC-6 Available Today in the Marketplace

Created by the renowned development team at PMDG Simulations, the Douglas DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator offers a feature-rich, highly detailed simulation packed with realism and authenticity.

November 18th, 2021 Development Update

We are thrilled to release the Microsoft Flight Simulator Game of the Year Edition as a “thank you” to our fans who have made the sim such a phenomenon. The GOTY Edition is a free update for owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator, and release notes can be read here.

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Community News

Reno Air Races: Meet The Planes

A Walk Down Reno’s Flight Line When it comes to speed, not all planes are created equal. Since the very first Reno Air Races, competing aircraft have been separated into different classes based on their speed and performance. That first event in 1964 featured three classes: Biplanes like the Pitts Special, Formula 1 race planes that must adhere to identical performance standards, and Unlimited: classic WWII era warbirds where anything goes when it comes to … Continued

Gentlemen, you have a race.

Though the sport of air racing had once been immensely popular with an American public fascinated by aviation, it had almost completely vanished by the 1960s. That’s when Bill Stead, a Nevada rancher and WWII veteran, saw an opportunity to revive pylon-based air racing in the United States. For more than 55 years since, some of the finest pilots in the world have gathered at Reno-Stead Airport every September for the National Championship Air Races, a week-long festival of racing and aerial demonstrations. 

Local Legends 1: Junkers Ju 52

The team is proud to announce a new series of releases called “Local Legends” that will frequently coincide with World Updates. These aircraft are famous in the region of the world update, but often are not as well known to a worldwide audience. For World Update VI, we chose a famous German plane from 1930 called the Junkers Ju 52, now available from the Marketplace.