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Active Development

Air Traffic Improvements SU 15+
    • Data refactoring to improve the fidelity of live traffic
    • Improved aircraft models/liveries matching
Airbus A320neo  SU 15+
    • iniBuilds is working on the new Airbus A320neo that will sit alongside the existing Asobo version of the aircraft going forward. Level of complexity will be similar to iniBuilds’ A310. Stability is improving but not ready for primetime yet. Will try to get this into SU_15 but not confirmed yet.
Aircraft Fixes SU 15
    • Microsoft and our 1st party partners are working on improvements and fixes for open issues of base sim aircraft  (MSFS Launch (2020), Game of the Year (2021), 40th Anniversary Aircraft (2022) as well as some payware aircraft. The teams are currently working on updates for the Airbus A310-300 and the Pilatus PC-6. Improvements to several payware planes (ATR 42-600/72-600, Saab 17) are also in progress.
ATC Improvements SU 15
    • LT Bug #03 “Cannot Hear ATC Instructions and Other Aircraft Suddenly While ATC Copilot…” Tentative fix in place … need flighting to confirm.
Bush Trip Achievement SU 15
    • Fire and Ice, Anemoi and Goldrush achievements have been fixed but still need to be verified.
Glass Cockpit Performance Improvements SU 15
    • Working Title improved the performance of complex JavaScript avionics.
G3X Touch SU 15
    • Working Title is adding the popular G3X Touch, which will be supported in the VL-3, XCub and NXCub at launch of SU_15.
Iced Water Improvements SU 15
    • Increased the threshold of snow depth that causes water surfaces to ice from 27cm to 72cm to limit wrongly iced water surfaces.
Live Events Achievement   SU 15
    • “Decathlon” and “Working for the Weekend” achievements have been fixed but still need to be verified.
New Memory Allocation Strategy SU 15
    • Asobo is implementing a new memory allocator which will result in better FPS and less stutters.
Tandem-Rotor Support SU 15
    • Asobo added support for tandem rotors (example of this configuration is the Boeing CH-47 Chinook, several Piasecki rotorcraft and others).
World Fixes SU 15
    • The community team collected all feedback from forums regarding MSFS Launch (2020) & various World Updates and the teams at Gaya is in the process of fixing many of the issues that have been flagged.
    • The tile popping issues that is being observed in Italy/Malta and a few other locations should also be addressed (we are currently working on acomprehensive list of locations where this issue has been observed).
xCloud Touch & Gyro SU 15
    • The available controller options available to simmers on xCloud will be expanded via addition of touch/gyro interface.
Yawman Controller SU 15
    • The team has received the device and will make sure that it will be supported.