40th Anniversary Stream Schedule




40th Anniversary Stream Schedule

Nov. 14: Glider Stream with TOBII

2000Z / 12:00PM PST

In this stream sponsored by Tobii, Community Manager SeedyL (who is a real-life glider pilot himself) will be showing the community the basics of flying a glider! We will also have a guest host from Tobii joining us.


Nov. 15: Helicopter Stream with Sergio from Helisimmer

2000Z / 12:00PM PST

Guest host Sergio will join us to show off the basics of helicopter flying. Along with Community Manager Jayne, we’ll be looking at the two new helicopters introduced in the 40th Anniversary Update.


Nov. 16: Missions Stream with TwoToneMurphy

2000Z / 12:00PM PST

Wednesday will feature a stream takeover by TwoToneMurphy! He’ll be playing through and exploring some of the missions returning from prior Microsoft Flight Simulator titles.


Nov. 17: A310 Stream with Chewwy94 and Thrustmaster

2000Z / 12:00PM PST

In this stream sponsored by Thrustmaster, we’ll be taking a deeper look at the new study-level Airbus A310!


Nov. 18: DEVELOPER Q&A & Community FLy-In

1830Z / 10:30AM PST 2000Z / 12:00PM PST

Double feature! At 1830Z we’ll be hosting our final Developer Q&A of 2022. Our Devs will be on to celebrate the 40th, and answer community questions.

Afterwards at 2000Z we’ll be jumping into a Community Fly-In where we’ll be flying some of the historic aircraft that were included in the 40th Anniversary Update.


Nov. 19: Flight Simulator Air Festival

2000Z / 12:00PM PST

Get our your popcorn and join us and the Flight Sim Virtual Thunderbirds for their second airshow, the Flight Simulator Air Festival! This stream will feature a collection of the finest solo performers and formation teams throughout the flight simulation community.