Community Spotlight: u/CoverAllTA

With the world at your fingers tips in the upcoming Microsoft Flight Simulator, what flights are you planning?

u/CoverAllTA has got you covered!  With the help of his brother and the Reddit community, they’ve compiled a list of MUST SEE locations in the upcoming MSFS via his site, FlightLoc.

Interested in exploring active volcanoes, unusual airports, serene lakes, or giant cities? You can sort and filter through the list or map to find exactly what you’re interested in.

u/CoverAIITA began flight simming with Microsoft Flight Simulator 98 and has been flying ever since. When the newest generation of MSFS was announced, he saw a screenshot of the mountainside where he used to climb with his brother in the fjords of Norway and couldn’t believe how detailed it was.

“My jaw dropped. I knew that I wanted to spend time in this simulator, and why not make a scheduled travel plan out of it? Since I enjoy the sightseeing parts and my brother is the plane-tech-head, I knew our combined efforts could lead to something cool. I know my hiking and nature documentaries, and he knows the airports. It was and is a good way for us to spend some quality time together.”

His site contains photos, maps, ICAO codes, and more to make finding each place quick and easy.

The plan is to continue adding to the list to build an extensive map of all the most amazing places to visit in the world. 

Do you have a favorite hidden gem you think should be added to the list? Start planning your flight routes!

Thank you u/CoverAllTA. We are continually amazed by the community and your efforts in supporting MSFS!

-The Microsoft Flight Simulator Community Team-