Feedback Snapshot - Top Bugs

1 Crash to Desktop without Error Message Ongoing Fixes ASAP
2 Garmin G1000/G3000 & Autopilot Related Issues Marketplace/Base Sim H2 2021 / H1 2022
3 Live Weather and Wind Readings Not Accurate Several Releases SU 7 Update (Jan 6, 2021)
4 Please Fix Photogrammetry Under Investigation 2022
5 Night Lighting Long-Range Quality Fix SU 7 (Nov 18, 2021)
6 Turboprop Engine Logic Issues Several Releases SU 7 (Nov 18, 2021)
7 Ground Texture – Incorrect Bandwidth Ongoing Regional Fixes WU 7,8 +
8 ATC Incorrect Phraseology Under Investigation 2022
9 Mirrored Textures 787-8 and 787-10 Under Investigation
10 Horizon line visible through mountains and objects Not Started 2022
11 Approach Flyback Bug Started SU 8
12 Lack Of Real Time Traffic Started SU 8
Coastline Glitch Started 2022
14 After Playing for a Few Hours, FPS Drops from 40 to 5 Under Investigation 2022
15 Autogen Airports Too Dark/ Aircraft Lights Do Not… Planned 2022
16 Flight Planner Reshuffling After a Change Fixed SU 7 (Nov 18, 2021)
17  Reflections Look Grainy, Even On Ultra Planned 2022
Are Clouds Bases in New METAR in AGL or MSL? Under Investigation 2022
19 Lightning in Live Weather – Excessive Started SU 8
20 Mountains/Coastlines Constantly Morphing Planned 2022
21 Wrong Temperatures Under Investigation 2022
22 Multiplayer Issues (Players Disappearing …) Under Investigation 2022
23 ATC Assigns Wrong Runways with Wind Direction Under Investigation 2022
24 Unrealistic Airport Lighting Distances Under Investigation 2022


Feedback Snapshot - Top Wishlist 

1 Implement Weather and Terrain APIs: Work has started on the first terrain API for WASM iteration (exposing same bitmaps that are available in JavaScript). Under Investigation 2022
2 Helicopters are a Must: Early work on propeller improvements in preparation for Helicopter support will be part of SU VIII on 3 different planes. Started Q4 2022
3 Chinese Localization: This work is nearly complete, and we plan on providing Simplified Chinese as part of Sim Update IX. Started SU 9
4 Multiple Screens Functionality: Low level engine implementation started already, and we are making steady progress. Started 2022
5 Replay Functionality Missing: Opt-in Beta is available through DevMode on PC. Pending evaluation of future needs. Started 2022
6 DirectX12: Ongoing effort of stabilization and optimization that will roll out this year. Started 2022
7 Open Up The Weather System To 3rd Party Devs  Not Planned
8 Scenery Gateway System (Community Content): Work on Scenery Hub has started (community platform that will allow editing & improving airport data). Started 2022
9 Improve AI Traffic at Airports and in The Air: Tweaks are being worked on including a better handling of Live traffic AI aircraft take off. Started 2022
10 Glider, Sailplane, Soaring Please: We are partnering with Flight Sim Studio to add gliders and associated features to the simulation. Started H2 2022
11 Remove Ground Vehicles From Active Taxiways Under Investigation 2022
12 Please Support Korean Subtitles Started H2 2022
13 Enhanced API to Access All Aircraft States Under Investigation TBD
14 Please Update Cities / Airports in South Korea! Planned 2022-23
15 Disappointing Mountain Terrain (Too Rounded) Ongoing WU 7, WU8 +
16 Unlock FSArchive Files for Premium/Deluxe Aircraft Under Investigation TBD
17 Improved AI Systems, Supported by AIG? Under Investigation 2022
18 World Update: Brazil Planned 2022-3
19 Taxiway Sign Issues (Naming Accuracy, Size Not Started 2022
20 Nvidia DLSS Support Under Investigation TBD
21 Wakes for AI Ships Not Started 2022
22 Can we have our Classic Flyby Views/Tower Views Not Started 2022
23 Access to Flight Planner Without Leaving Flight Not Started 2022
24 Seasons Started 2022
25 Improved Pushback System Is Needed Not Started 2022
26 Shared Cockpit/Multiplayer Planned 2022
27 I Miss Trains Not Started 2023
28 Italy World in Next Update Started 2022
29 Freeware Category for MSFS Marketplace Started 2022
30 Ability to Change Meteorological Visibility / RVR Started 2022
31 Allow Keybindings for G1000 Soft Keys / Knobs / Buttons Started 2022
32 Please Add A Vegetation Render Distance Slider Started SU 8
33 Thermals, Up & Downdrafts – Realism Update Started 2022
34 Power Lines, Antennas/Masts, Cable Cars/Gondolas Planned 2022
35 Force Feedback Support Under Investigation TBD
36 AI Traffic Needs Fixing Wishlist Planned 2022
37 Add Beta  Version Players Can Enable before Patch Started 2022
38 Lower Resources in the Menu, Downloading… Not Started 2022
39 Taxi Navigation Ribbon – Toggle Under Investigation TBD
40 Particle Effects with Mentioned Node-Based Particles Ongoing
41 Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis / Australis) Planned 2022
42 Runway, Approach, Apron Lights Off During VFR Under Investigation TBD
43 Ability to have Separate Controls for Each Aircraft Under Investigation
44 Make Legacy Cockpit Buttons Work Again Not Planned
45 Third Party Online Network Setting Button Planned 2022
46 Multiplayer: Display Other Players Actual Models Under Investigation
47 Make It Impossible to Spawn on Runway in LIVE Planned 2022
48 Multiplayer Nameplate On/Off Key Mapping Under Investigation 2022
49 Airbus Helicopters H135 Community Mod Not Planned
50 Bring Back Old Events (Discovery Flights, etc.) Planned 2022
51 TCAS / ACAS – Live Players Under Investigation
52 Realistic Propellor Effects (Flight Model) Started 2022
53 Open-Up Communication with Reality XP Under Investigation
54 Open Doors Under Investigation
55 Get Rid of Snow on Runways, Taxiways, etc. Under Investigation
56 World Update Europe Started (Several Releases) 2022-23
57 Pilot Logbook Entry Deletion Under Investigation
58 Dual COMMs Support Under Investigation