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June 3rd, 2021 Development Update

Screenshot by TastingDevotee7

  • AnswerHub for the SDK will be live on June 7th, 2021! 
  • We would like to welcome back our SDK team to Twitch! Our next SDK  Q&A will be June 16th, 2021 at 10:30 am PDT. You can ask questions related to the Scenery Editor here.
  • This month we will be splitting our Dev Q&A into a two-part series. Dev Q&A: Part 1 – World Updates will be on June 17th, 2021 at 10:30 am PDT. Dev Q&A: Part 2 – Sim Update 5, will be on June 30th at 10:30 am PDT. Mark your calendars! Feel free to send in questions for either of those Q&As here (link coming soon)
  • No Feedback snapshot or 3rd party update this week. Will resume next week.
Next Flighting Opportunity

Would you like to participate in our next flighting opportunity? We have made significant updates and data changes to the sim and need a variety of PC setups to help test stability and performance. This build does not include any content changes but has significant performance updates we’d love for you to try out and provide feedback on.

Unlike the previous two flights, this flight will not be through the Xbox Insider Hub, but through a Steam branch. You do not need to own MSFS on Steam, as a code will be provided to you via email to download a specific test version of MSFS. The only requirements are that you have enough storage on your PC to handle a new (temporary) version of MSFS, and a Steam account.

For those interested, sign-ups will open to anyone who wishes to participate soon. We will post that announcement via the MSFS Website, so check back! We will cap the sign-ups at 300 participants.

Previous testers who have expressed interest via this forum post (only active for previous testers) will be automatically added to this flight and there is no need to sign up as you will be added in addition to the 300 users.

– The MSFS team 


Click here for the web-friendly version. Most recent update:


  • General
    • AnswerHub Q&A platform should go live on June 7th ! Let’s meet on (this link will not be active until the platform launches next week). This Friday, the 3rd party private section of the forum will be turned to read-only mode. You will still access it and view all the posts, but you won’t be able to answer anymore. We picked the latest messages and imported them on the new platform, so please double check before asking your questions again!
  • Documentation
    • We documented the PackageInstaller sample.
    • We added documentation about Material Editor.
    • We made some changes to the VFX Editor’s documentation. The video tutorial will be uploaded soon to our YouTube channel.
  • On the DevMode side
    • We fixed the “Show Error/warning” buttons which weren’t displayed when the object with error/warning isn’t unfolded.
    • We fixed a package mounting error. It occurred when loading Project XML file while both local and installed packages were already registered.
    • On the FX Editor, we added SmokeLanding FX edition file, which was missing from the latest SDK update. We also fixed a bad template instantiation caused by ImGui popup conflict.
    • We re-enabled the automatic loading of a previously loaded project.
  • On SimConnect
    • We added Contact Point simvars.


Today there are 7 new products and 7 updated products in the Marketplace.







Join us tomorrow for fly-in Friday with TheFlyingFabio! All are welcome to participate. Details can be found here.


Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 4K Clouds Cinematic Short from u/TheFSChannel:


This past week we challenged you to take a screenshot of “Higher Ground”. The winner is featured above. Below are our runner up choices! This week’s Screenshot Challenge: Backcountry

Last challenge’s Finalists:

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Screenshot by Nerbulus

Screenshot by Jannik207

Screenshot by BritishAvgk

Screenshot by Mottoth

Screenshot by forzakingfam

Screenshot by Filippo20032222

Screenshot by AwesomeBlack533

Screenshot by Netiense

Screenshot by z32ands30



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