Microsoft Flight Simulator Releases City Update IV: Western Europe

Explore some of Western Europe’s most breathtaking cities from the air in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s latest addition to its rich global experience.

Microsoft Flight Simulator City Update IV celebrates the wonderfully diverse character of Western Europe by highlighting five of its most renowned cities: France’s Annemasse; Geneva, Switzerland; Belgium’s Ghent; Luxembourg City; and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. All five were meticulously built using the latest high-resolution geographic data and provide the most realistic experience yet of these historic locales. City Update IV also includes Germany’s Cologne Bonn Airport (EDDK), a perfect complement to the cities in this update.

Annemasse: Located in eastern France along the Swiss border, Annemasse has a colorful history that is intimately connected to its neighbor, Geneva. Part of the greater transnational Geneva metropolitan area (“Grand Genève”), Annemasse boasts expansive views in every direction. Experience the mosaic of architecture and rolling terrain of the city, then fly over Geneva to its northwest, Lake Geneva to its north, and the towering Alps, including Mont Blanc, to the southeast.

Geneva: Situated on the shores of the southwestern extremity of Lake Geneva where it meets the Rhône River, Geneva is Switzerland’s second most populous city and one of the globe’s most important international centers. Some of the world’s largest banks and commodities trading firms are based in Geneva, while various United Nations groups and international aid organizations also call it home. With a history that dates to before the second century BC, Geneva hosts a wide range of architecture, from medieval cathedrals to structures at the leading edge of modern design.


Ghent: Ghent is an important port center and the third largest city in Belgium. The Port of Ghent, the third busiest seaport in the country, is connected to the North Sea via the Ghent-Terneuzen Canal and the Western Scheldt (an estuary of the Scheldt River). The waterways of and around Ghent provide spectacular and intriguing backdrops to the myriad vistas of the modern and centuries-old architecture of this city.

Luxembourg: Located in the southern reaches of the country of Luxembourg, Luxembourg (also called Luxembourg City) is the nation’s capital and most populous city. Sitting roughly ten miles to the west of the German border, ten miles to the north of the border with France, and ten miles to the east of the Belgium border, Luxembourg is situated in the heart of Western Europe. Luxembourg traces its roots to the Roman era, and due to its location, has witnessed some of the most tumultuous events of modern history, notably those of World War I and World War II. Today, it is a major financial center and home to several important administrative bodies in the European Union, including the Court of Justice and the European Investment Fund.

Rotterdam: The second largest city in the Netherlands, Rotterdam is also Europe’s largest seaport. It is located along the waterways of the Rhine River within the large delta complex of the Rhine, Meuse, and Scheldt rivers. Its location earned it the nickname “gateway to Europe,” as it connects the European continent to the Atlantic Ocean via the North Sea. Tracing its history to the 1200s, Rotterdam today is home to both classic architecture and some of the world’s most stunning modern structures.

Cologne Bonn Airport (EDDK): This modern facility primarily serves Cologne, Germany’s fourth largest city. It also serves Bonn, which lies just to the south of Cologne, and served as the capital of West Germany. The airport is located to the southeast of the city center of Cologne, just to the east of the Rhine River. This hand-crafted addition beautifully complements the cities of City Update IV, providing a life-like experience for pilots who wish to explore the region from a range of aircraft: a Guimbal Cabri G2 helicopter to a Boeing 747-8 Intercontinental.

Microsoft Flight Simulator aviators can bask in the beautifully rendered sights of these historic cities, exploring each individually or connecting them in cross-country journeys.

Microsoft Flight Simulator City Update IV: Western Europe is available FREE today to all owners of Microsoft Flight Simulator. Make sure that your simulator is running version, download City Update IV, and then relish the incredible sights that these storied Western European cities offer!

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