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November 12th, 2020 Development Update

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We could all benefit from a few tweaks to our sensibility curve. Sorry, sensitive subject?

Happy Thursday, simmers! As a small update on the VR Closed Beta, Wave 2 invitations (non-WMR headsets) will be sent out later this afternoon with access rolling out slowly over the next couple of days. We have gathered enough testers at this time and will be closing sign-ups today. Thank you for participating and we look forward to working with you.





  • DevMode:
    • The console interface continues to be improved and we are now close to making it available in production. Internal tests still need to be completed before we release these improvements in a future update.
    • The new asset creation system from within the Project Editor is still a work-in-progress.
    • The node-based Visual Effects System is now ready for internal production. At the same time, we are still working through some performance issues, fixing bugs and addressing feedback from our internal power users before making it available to the third party developer community.
    • As a background task, the DevMode team is always working on improving the overall stability of the DevMode, with special focus to the Project Editor, Scenery Editor, and Aircraft Editor. The community’s feedback continues to be helpful in identifying & fixing bugs which ultimately makes the tools better.
  • WebAssembly:
    • We added support for standalone WASM modules. These should be placed in a “modules” folder located at the root of the package, and will be loaded automatically when the said package is mounted. The “module_init” and “module_deinit” functions will be called upon loading/unloading.
    • We are investigating several SimConnect bugs while also trying to expand its capabilities to suit third party developers’ needs.
    • We are still working on improving iteration times and the debugging experience.



The third party community ecosystem continues to accelerate. It has been three months since our launch in August and we have received over 1,000 applications to our Marketplace Partner Program, including well over 200 from known payware companies.

70 partners have been approved to our Partner Program and nearly 60 products are live in the in-sim marketplace.

  • Airports:
    • Over 80 airports have already been released for the platform so far and more than 50 of these are already in our in-sim store. We continue to add new airports every week. Based on information provided by third party developers, an additional 150 airports in production are slated for release in 2021. Just amazing to see the amount and quality of the airport developer community!
  • Aircraft:
    • 7 aircraft have been released for the platform so far and 4 aircraft are available in the in-sim-marketplace. The great news is that nearly 60 aircraft have been announced by over a dozen development teams and another 20 additional unannounced aircraft are in development. We are all very excited to see the progress Aerosoft has been making with their new CRJ because the quality of their work is outstanding!



New products released today:


Products released last Friday:






“Once you take off, where do you go?”

Smef, a member of the MSFS community, asked himself this question and decided to use his coding skills to create – a community-driven website made up of user-generated Microsoft Flight Simulator flight plans from around the world. He says, “The goal of the site is for people to be able to share their favorite flights with other simmers, and for simmers looking for new experiences to be able to continuously find flights which interest them.”

With thousands of airports and millions of square miles to explore in MSFS, Smef wanted a way for any user to look up a flight plan using a robust filter to decide where, how long, and what type of environment you want to fly in to come up with the perfect flight path. Add favorites to your dashboard, view highly rated paths, and more.

“This site is entirely community-focused and depends on community contributions. Anyone can submit flight plans that others might enjoy. I’d be very happy for people to use this for not only sharing flights they’ve found which are fun, but also for planning events like community fly-ins.”

Check it out now, and feel free to upload your own flight path to the site! Thanks Smef for your contribution to the community. We can’t wait to use a flight plan for an upcoming MSFS stream!



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