PMDG Douglas DC-6 Available Today in the Marketplace

Created by the renowned development team at PMDG Simulations, the Douglas DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator offers a feature-rich, highly detailed simulation packed with realism and authenticity.

Created using one of the world’s last remaining flyable DC-6s as the foundation, PMDG has authentically recreated the airplane, its flight deck, instrumentation, flight characteristics, vibration characteristics and mechanical systems, matching them to the actual airplane and then wrapping them in a fully customized sound-set that is sure to wrap you in the sensory experience that is flying a classic prop-liner.

From takeoff to touchdown, PMDG’s Virtual Flight Engineer can guide you through the experience or can sit quietly while you do all the work. Task him to take over all of the systems, checklists and engine management tasks, allowing you to enjoy the flying experience as you learn to fly this sophisticated, highly capable airliner.

This package includes both the DC-6A (cargo) and DC-6B (passenger) versions of the airplane, along with optional variations in the nose shape and window configurations that were once used by airlines around the world. The PMDG DC-6 is offered at a special release price of $54.99 for a limited time.

Learn more of what it takes to fly the DC-6 in a multi-part video tutorial series on the PMDG Simulations YouTube channel designed to help beginners and advanced simmers alike and maximize their enjoyment in the process. Find dozens of free airline liveries for the PMDG DC-6 for Microsoft Flight Simulator at Your DC-6 will be properly outfitted no matter where in the world you elect to fly! The sky is calling!

Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available on Xbox Series X|S with Xbox Game Pass, Windows 10 and 11 with Xbox Game Pass for PC, and Steam.

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