Reno Air Races




Reno Pre-release Testing

Our next flighting opportunity (Pre-release Testing) is for the world’s fastest motor sport on earth, Reno Air Races. The goal is for the team to collect data on the multiplayer experience.  This will be on a first-come-first-served basis and sign-ups will open tomorrow, October 21st at 5 am PT/8am ET (1200Z) with the test going live on October 22nd at 8am PT/11am ET and will last throughout the weekend. We are looking for simmers to test on all three platforms: PC, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. Limited space is available. Please note that if you are interested in testing via Xbox Series X/S you will need Xbox Gold to participate. The Reno Preview is a separate build and a cut-down version of the sim that is about 25GB. Technically, Steam users can sign up as it isn’t required to own the MS Store version.

The Reno Air Race test will focus on the following categories:

  • Matchmaking efficiency
  • Online stability
  • Ranking reliability
  • Scoring balancing
  • Cross play functionality
  • User experience quality

Feedback will be gathered using Windows Feedback Hub (PC) and the “Report a Problem” feature on Xbox. There will also be a public forum category for general discussion during the flight, but all bug-reporting will be done through Windows Feedback Hub. At the end of the flight, a survey will go out to all participants on October 25th. Please see below on how reporting will work:

Reporting with Windows Feedback Hub (PC):

  • Be sure you are logged in with your flight associated GamerTag
  • For the category select “Apps” and then “Flight Simulator” or ““Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • You can add comments, upvote, and search on Windows Feedback Hub. Click here to learn more.

Reporting with ‘Report a Problem’ (Xbox):

  • If the bundle is not installed, you may need to manually install the “Report a Problem” app if you are not seeing the “Report a Problem” button when pressing and holding guide.
  • Select Category “Games” and Sub-Category “Microsoft Flight Simulator Closed Preview”

When registration is open to sign up on October 21st, please follow these directions:

  1. On Windows 10/11, launch the Xbox Insider Hub. On Xbox X|S, launch the Insider Hub App.
  2. Navigate to Previews > Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  3. Select Join “Microsoft Flight Simulator Closed Preview”. Note: If you are signing up via Xbox and you do not have Xbox Live Gold, the flight will not be visible for sign up.
  4. You will receive a notification letting you know that the test is full and there are no more available spots for this test if all spots have been filled. If you DO NOT receive the above message, then you are in the test! An update for Microsoft Flight Simulator will become available for you on October 22nd and can be downloaded through the Store app. This update must be installed to access the test. Please keep in mind that you may have to re-install the sim on your PC if you do not have your sim content located on a custom path.
  5. After sign-ups are complete tomorrow, testing will begin October 22nd.

We will communicate further instructions and information via our forums in this thread. Please check back here for the latest news and information regarding this testing opportunity.

Thank you for helping us improve our sim, and we look forward to racing with you.