World Update XIII Sale. April 25 - May 1




World Update XIII Sale

Enjoy discounted pricing on Marketplace content from Oceania to coincide with World Update XIII.

For six days starting on April 25th save up to 60% on the following items:

A320 Asia & Oceania Livery Pack 4Simmers
EGAR Antarctica Rothera Aerosoft
Honolulu Night Enhanced DreamScenery
Emergency Response Pack – Oceania King Air Impulse Simulations
Oceania Liveries Pack A320 Impulse Simulations
NFFN Nadi International Airport iniBuilds
Beautiful Hawaii (Mission Pack) Nordheim Missions
HI01 Princeville Airport Northern Sky Studio
PHHN Hana Airport Northern Sky Studio
PHJH Kapalua Airport Northern Sky Studio
PHMK Molokai Airport + PHLU Kalaupapa Airport Northern Sky Studio
PHMU Waimea-Kohala Airport Northern Sky Studio
PHNY Lanai Airport Northern Sky Studio
PHOG Kahului Airport Northern Sky Studio
NTTB Bora Bora/Moto Mute Airport Pearl Simulations
NTTH Huahine-Fare Airport Pearl Simulations
NTTM Moorea Temae Airport Pearl Simulations
PHTO Hilo International Airport Pearl Simulations
FS Explorer – Polynesia Perfect Flight
NWWM Noumea Magenta Airport Real Environment Design
Vessels: The Hawaiian Islands Seafront Simulations
NWWW La Tontouta International Airport Sierrasim Simulation
SCIP Mataveri International Airport Simulación Extrema
SCIP Mataveri International Airport SoFly
PHDH Dillingham Airfield South Oak Co
PHHN Hana Airport South Oak Co
PHLU Kalaupapa Airport South Oak Co
PHNY Lanai Airport South Oak Co
PHPA Port Allen Airport South Oak Co


To purchase these discounted items, visit the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, select ‘Featured’, scroll down to ‘Special Offers’, then select ‘See All’ and look for the savings.