World Update XV Sale, runs from November 7th to Novermber 13th. 59 items on sale!




World Update XV Sale

Enjoy discounted pricing on Marketplace content from the Nordics to coincide with World Update XV.

For six days starting on November 7th save up to 71% on the following items:

Developer Marketplace Item
Aerosoft ENVA Trondheim Airport, Vaernes
DreamScenery Copenhagen Night Enhanced
DreamScenery Gothenburg Night Enhanced
DreamScenery Helsinki Night Enhanced
DreamScenery Oslo Night Enhanced
DreamScenery Reykjavik Night Enhanced
DreamScenery Stockholm Night Enhanced
FlyTampa EKCH Copenhagen Airport
FlyThreePeaks ENMH Mehamn Airport
FlyThreePeaks ENOV Ørsta-Volda Airport
FlyThreePeaks ENST Sandnessjøen-Stokka Airport
Gaya Simulations ENCN Kristiansand Airport
Got Friends Astro ONE
IronSim ENVD Vadso Airport
JustSim EFHK Helsinki-Vantaa Airport
JustSim ENGM Oslo Gardermoen International Airport
MK Studios BIKF Keflavik International Airport
MK Studios EFHK Helsinki Airport
MK Studios EFRO Rovaniemi Airport
MK Studios EKVG Vágar Airport
M’M Simulations BIVM Vestmannaeyjar Airport
M’M Simulations EFIV Ivalo Airport
M’M Simulations EFTU Turku Airport
M’M Simulations ENTC Tromso Airport
M’M Simulations ESKN Stockholm Skavsta Airport
Orbx Blackwing BW635RG
Orbx ENAL Alesund Vigra Airport
Orbx ENGM Oslo Gardermoen Airport
Orbx ENHF Hammerfest Airport
Orbx ENML Molde Airport
Orbx ENNO Notodden Airport
Orbx ENSD Sandane Airport
Orbx ENSG Sogndal Haukåsen Airport
Orbx ENTO Sandefjord Airport
Orbx ESGG Gothenburg Landvetter Airport
Orbx ESMS Malmö Airport
Orbx ESSA Stockholm-Arlanda International Airport
Orbx ESSB Stockholm Bromma Airport
Pearl Simulations BGMQ Maniitsoq Airport
Perfect Flight The Fjords
Pilot Experience Sim BIIS Ísafjörður Airport
RDPresets ENBR Bergen Flesland Airport
Salvuz ENBR Bergen Flesland Airport
SimNord EK76 Tunø Airfield
SimNord EKAH Aarhus Airport
SimNord EKEL Endelave Airfield
SimNord EKHG Herning Airport
SimNord EKNB Nordborg Airfield
SimNord EKSA Sæby Airfield
SimNord EKSB Sonderborg Airport
SimNord EKSN Sindal Airport
SimNord EKSS Samsø Airfield
SimNord EKYT Aalborg Airport
Skyline Simulations ESKS Scandinavian Mountains Airport
ST Simulations BIAR Akureyri Airport
ST Simulations BIEG Egilsstadir Airport
Stairport ENAT Alta Airport
Vidan Design EKBI Billund Airport
Vidan Design EKRN Bornholm Airport


To purchase these discounted items, visit the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, select ‘Featured’, scroll down to ‘Special Offers’, then select ‘See All’ and look for the savings.