August 8th, 2019 – Development Update


The team is excited to move into the next phase of communication with the community regarding our development plans. As we mentioned in our July 25th update, August is about setting expectations regarding our development process through launch. September is about defining how we will involve the community in that process.

Here is our current schedule for August:

  • AUGUST 15th – Insider Program Kickoff (preview of Development Roadmap Release)
  • AUGUST 22nd – Development Roadmap Release (General Release)
  • AUGUST 29th – Build Program Kickoff

But wait there’s more!

One of the most important topics we see being discussed in the community is WHEN we plan to start talking about the project. You want the information, the team wants to share this information, so where exactly IS the information? It’s coming. The challenge with creating a transparent development process built on collaboration is that we have to work on the foundation for delivering that information before doing so. With that said, we will be kicking off our Feature Exploration Series in the fall where we will be working closely with the community to walk-through the next iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator in granular detail.

But wait there’s more!

That said, because we understand the importance of this topic to the community, the team is working hard to adjust the schedule to see what information we can share earlier than currently planned. In our August 15th update, we will provide more clarity on where we at in the process.

Insiders! DRR preview release in t-minus 7 days…




Microsoft Flight Simulator Team