July 25th, 2019 – Development Update

In the clouds over Barcelona

“Update to an update about an update” – AVSIM member post

Heading into the last week of July the team is excitedly awaiting the arrival of August. There are a number of big updates planned for August and September starting with the V1 release of the Development Roadmap.

Within the next few weeks we’ll be providing the official release date for the Development Roadmap, in the meantime, we’d like to share a few of the deliverables from this plan:

  • August (Early/Mid) – Insider Program kickoff
    • First batch of content for the Insider Program members is being prepared for delivery:
      • Advanced preview of the Development Roadmap
      • “In-Sim” content – clips captured from build.
      • Preview Build Program – Detailed information on first build deliverable, Insider participation sign-up
  • August (Mid/Late) – Development Roadmap Release (v.2019.08/drr1)
    • Development beats through EOY 2019
      • Build Program Recruitment and Release timeline
      • SDK Update
      • 3rd Party Content Update
      • UGC Content Update
  • August (Late) – Build Program Kickoff
    • Preview Build Program – Detailed information on first preview build deliverable
    • Preview Build Program – Public Participation sign-up
    • Preview Build Program – Preview of next build details

“What we want” – AVSIM Thread

There are two important plans we will be sharing with you in September:

  1. The pipeline for how we will provide an in-depth look at the product we are building.
  2. The process for how we will integrate the community into this process to facilitate a collaborative partnership to bring this product to launch.

Threads like this on AVSIM, and across all the forums we pay close attention to, are truly valued by the team. So though we may not be directly interacting with you at the moment, we hear you. August is about setting expectations, providing a clear Development Roadmap outlining how we get from today to launch. September is about how we accomplish that task, together.


“Early August for Insider… Hope I get in.” – Reddit User r/flightsim

MSFS – You’re in. In August we’ll kick-off the Insider Program. Insiders will be able to login to the site and be given access to the Insider area, and not just redirected to the FAQ, as per current.


“I want to pay for it in unmarked, non-sequential, low denomination bills, placed in three black plastic bin bags, left on the third floor of an abandoned multi-story car park, at midnight.” – AVSIM User

MSFS – Done. Once you make the drop, head south 3 kilometers. Locate a metal trash bin, retrieve mobile phone at bottom of bin. At 1:06AM text “no subscription”. Await further instruction.


“Microsoft don’t read AVSIM or any other forums, they read their own gaming forums and insiders community forums, it is standard company policy.” – AVSIM User

MSFT – Well this is awkward…


Finally, the team would like to take a moment to call attention to AVSIM mod 188AHC. Your effort and contributions do not go unnoticed. Thank you.


Next update coming August 8th!



The Microsoft Flight Simulator Team


PS: Hint — Announcement coming next update: