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Global Preview Event

Redmond Washington – Today, we have reached another critical milestone in our development. On September 19th and 20th, Microsoft hosted a small number of press and community representatives at the Rainier Flight Service in Renton Washington to attend the Global Preview Event for the next evolution of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The team was honored and humbled to share our passion for flight with attendees from around the world. From taking actual flights in Cessna 172s to sitting down and spending a few hours playing our pre-alpha build, the entire event was a magical opportunity to sit down and talk in detail about the development and product.

The Global Preview Event also marks the next step in our communication with the community regarding more granular product details. The team gave technical presentations on four important topics during the event:

  1. World
  2. Sky
  3. Aerodynamics
  4. Cockpits

Starting today, you’ll get to see and hear the reactions from those in attendance. Starting in October, these presentations will be delivered to the community as part of our Feature Discovery Series.

Since our introduction at E3, it’s been an incredible journey. The engagement by the community and support we’ve received from flight simulation fans around the world, has been truly amazing. Today we embark on our next phase of development and look forward to a new level of collaboration and communication with the community!


Microsoft Flight Simulator Team