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September 26th, 2019 – Development Update

“Et tu, Connor?”


The team is incredibly excited to officially kickoff our Feature Discovery Series with a preview of Episode 1 (World), posted in the Insider Area. In this series we will be covering the core features in attempt to answer many of the most discussed topics throughout the community.

We’re also delivering an updated DR outlining our October deliverables. Insiders should expect a DR update within the next few weeks that will provide a preview of our November deliverables.

A note on deliverables – we’re moving the Feedback Pipeline overview deliverable to our next post coming early October. This will allow us to allocate more update space to this deliverable to provide greater detail.

Finally, as we bring September to a close the entire team would like to thank everyone out there patiently waiting for more granular information on the next iteration of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The information you seek, is much closer than you think.


Next development update – Early October!


 Microsoft Flight Simulator Team