World Update 7




Marketplace: World Update VII Sale

Enjoy discounted pricing on Marketplace content from Australia to coincide with World Update VII.

For seven days starting on January 31st save up to 45% on the following items:

  • Cityscape Sydney (Orbx)
  • Gold Coast Night Enhanced (DreamScenery)
  • Jabiru J160/J170 (IRIS Simulations)
  • Landmarks Adelaide City Pack (Orbx)
  • Landmarks Brisbane City Pack (Orbx)
  • YAYE Ayers Rock (Connellan) Airport (AUscene)
  • YBBN Brisbane Airport (Orbx)
  • YBNA Ballina Byron Gateway Airport (AUscene)
  • YBSU Sunshine Coast Airport (Shunts Scenery)
  • YCAB Caboolture Airfield (Pushback Studio)
  • YCBG Cambridge Aerodrome (NZA Simulations)
  • YLHI Lord Howe Island Airport (AUscene)
  • YMHB Hobart International Airport (NZA Simulations)
  • YPAD Adelaide Airport (Impulse Simulations)
  • YPPF Parafield Airport (AUscene)
  • YPPH Perth Airport (Axonos)
  • YSBK Bankstown Airport (Impulse Simulations)
  • YSPT Southport Airport (AUscene)YSSY Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport (FlyTampa)

To purchase these discounted items, visit the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace, select the Full Catalog, then select On Sale and look for the savings.