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New Simmers: 20 Must Fly Locations in the Sim from our Community

So, you’ve had one day to install and boot up Microsoft Flight Simulator on your Xbox Series X|S. First thing you do? Fly over your house. Check. Of course, there are Discovery Flights, flight trainings, landing challenges, bush trips and more for you to explore, but you feel like doing your own exploring right now. What should you see first? Never fear! We asked the community what places they think you should fly to next and this is their top MUST DO list of activities:

1. Fly low over Reunion Island in the Indian Ocean. (Netiense)

2. Land an Ultralight on the Burj Al Arab helipad in Dubai. (zkdos)

3. Turn your Weather setting to Storms and fly around your favorite city! Here is a stormy night in Tampa. (MLTAVIATOR99)

4. Go anywhere and everywhere in The French Alps. (Parorng)

5. Wanna race? Check out some famous race circuits, such as Daytona International Speedway (Stanty16)

6. Fly CYHE to CYVR (Vancouver Intl.) – Easy 20 minute VFR flight in a Cessna 172 following a river. (CynicalLake3917)

7. Explore New York and surrounding areas (Skreamies)

8. Experience every type of environment from English countryside to Grand Canyon to Sahara to Everest to Dubai to Bora Bora. (ScenicAtol3300)

9. Try out Live Weather in your hometown, or Munich as pictured below. (tomlaut1980)

10. Hop online and learn how to fly in formation with your friends. (CRIMY86)

11. Observe the night sky in drone mode at a place like Mauna Kea, Hawaii. (canuck695)

12. Practice your landings at a remote location with a long runway – SCFX Isla San Felix (ArcanePython931)

13. Take off runway 04 in Geneva and fly towards the sunrise to Innsbruck!

14. Check out the Rock of Guatape, just east of Medellín, Colombia (SvenZ)

15. Enjoy a slow rolling storm cell over some central plains in the United States (dccp38)

16. Land in the water near the Tokyo Gate Bridge (Elevatorisbest)

17. Try a long haul flight in the Airbus A320 from Paris to New York (GamingCat2130)

18. Fly through the rugged terrain of Monument Valley in Arizona. (YusufWardana)

19. See the Hollywood sign in California! (IcemanAMD)

20. Take a pilot-worthy selfie. (Parorng)

There is always something to do in Microsoft Flight Simulator! Come check out our past Weekly Screenshot Challenges and start participating! Welcome to the community.

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