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October 17th, 2019 – Development Update


On behalf of the entire Microsoft Flight Simulator Team, we’d like to express our sincere appreciation to the community for all the valuable feedback we’ve received from the community on the first episode of the Feature Discovery Series. Though this is only our first step in our collaboration with you, the importance of this step to the team cannot be overstated. For all the feedback, all the effort spent writing comments, asking questions, daring to hold out hope when the past has been littered with unmet expectations. We hear you, and we are going to do our best to keep building this experience with you. In the meantime, thank you. It’s been a great boost to the team reading all the feedback from Lionel’s presentation on the world we’re building, which is big, in case you missed that.


On October 24th we are releasing the next episode in our Feature Discovery Series. Episode 2 (SKY) features a detailed look at the world we fly in, and the importance of this world in the simulator we are building. 


  • 10.15 – Recruitment for Tech Alpha 1 is now closed. Thank you to everyone that signed up for our upcoming Tech Alpha build!
  • 10.17 – Starting today and continuing through the 24th, we will be sending out notifications to those Insiders that have been selected for participation in our first Tech Alpha.
  • 10.24 – On the 24th, we will begin the process rolling out access to the Tech Alpha. So if you are wondering WHEN build access will be provided, it will start on the 24th.


The DR (formerly DRR) preview for November/December is now available in the Insider Area! 


We are in the final stages of preparing to release our first series of announcements as part of our Partnership Announcement Series. While we are still working on wrapping up the final few details, we are targeting mid-November for officially kicking off this series which will provide insight into all the amazing partnerships taking part in the development of the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator. 

Tech Alpha is almost here!

Next update 10.24.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Team